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“The next time someone wonders why they can’t find affordable home insurance, hand them this book.”

Fraud and greed brought America's 3rd largest home insurance market to its knees

meet the disbarred poster child, a trial lawyer with an inconceivable assembly line of 10,000 cases… Read More

  • “Exhaustive research and meticulous documentation.”
  • “…detailed examination and informative reporting.”
  • “ I was amazed at the documentation.”
  • “I was always anxious to read each new chapter.”
  • “Leadership and scholarship on a very complex issue.”

What People are saying about Collapse of an Evil Empire

“We’ve been facing a critical tipping point in Florida’s property insurance market. Scott’s detailed examination and informative reporting led to comprehensive reform that will benefit consumers in a big way. I believe Florida is on its’ way to recovery and applaud Scott for his tireless work in illuminating the issue so thoroughly and articulately.”

“Scott’s detailed and informative chronicles brought needed visibility--impacting critical legislation that benefited consumers and the industry. I was amazed at the documentation and depth he provided of the Strems case, every step of the way. I was always anxious to read each new chapter.”

“There is no doubt the reform actions taken by the Legislature will be effective in resolving the myriad of issues Scott identified. Though the accomplishments may happen later than they should, hopefully not too late to prevent a collapse of the industry. I am glad Scott documented this journey for others to learn and make the difficult decisions.”

"It was a critical time. Many recognized the problem, but few knew the remedy. Scott Johnson’s painstaking research lead to this incredible body of work. His leadership and scholarship on a very complex issue proved to be the impetus for positive change.”

“Scott’s book spells out the problem using just one lawyer as an example. The Governor and Legislature not only recognized the problem but passed monumental law changes sure to bring down premiums over the next few years. Thank you, Scott, for helping to publicize Florida’s out of control insurance tort system”

“Scott’s investigations were completed at just the right time. Reform was needed but few were willing to step up, do the research or take a stand. This body of work showed how further inaction could completely collapse America’s third largest home market. One lawyer with so many suits and untold others following in his footsteps—not sustainable as this series revealed. Thanks to Scott Johnson for showing us the huge nature of the problem and providing the resolve needed to fix it.”

“I’ve worked with Scott for over 17 years. He’s an engaging voice with decades of experience in the world’s most complex market. He helped consumers, legislators and insurance professionals understand the litigation practices that put Florida on the brink. This is an insightful compendium of the damage just one attorney could do. I thoroughly recommend it.”

“Using the disbarment of just one attorney, Scott exposed how Florida’s property insurance market was reaching its tipping point sooner, not later. Ten insolvencies, fraud, litigation schemes-- it’s all here, the result of exhaustive research and meticulous documentation. I highly recommend this text.”

“Scott Johnson turns his multiyear pursuit of truth and justice on the trail of one mendacious lawyer into a relentless documentation of the worst excesses that have plagued Florida’s property insurance market and cost consumers billions. The next time someone wonders why they can’t find affordable home insurance, hand them this book.”

“Florida’s property market has always been plagued by hurricanes. This latest crisis, however, was man-made--excessive litigation by unethical plaintiff attorneys and their band of bad actors. Scott reveals the shady schemes of one who was ultimately disbarred, becoming the poster child for a crisis still unfolding.”

“The world's tenth largest insurance market ranks #1 for intrigue and excitement. Scott’s been at its center for decades. His subscribers and fans will recognize the strategic lens and granular data in reporting on our home insurance market. Old timers will find new insights and perspectives. Newcomers will discover a business case study, public policy white paper, and even a look at human nature to entertain and enlighten.”