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Guide to Sources

The first thing you’ll notice is that each chapter heading in the Table of Contents is followed by a brief “Key Word” summary of the subjects examined in each chapter. This should reduce the necessity to search for information in online articles. While every detail isn’t in the “Key Word” summary, the subject matter of each is identified enough to eliminate the need to delve into a chapter that may be totally irrelevant to your search.

Next, you’ll notice that any text with a link is underlined and slightly shaded. Everything appears herein as it appears in the original online article at where you can find the article, then locate the link within it, and follow it to the document you’re looking for.

Remember, this is a compendium of blogs written, posted and maintained online at Every article will continue to be maintained online and can be accessed by entering the name of the chapter (blog) in the “search” bar on the home page or by using the date (month/year) listed down the right-hand side of the home page. This hard copy text puts it all in one place, in chronological order, thus eliminating the need to ferret through hundreds of pages online to find a specific document, link or source.

Of course, I have no control over subsequent changes made to an original internet source. But, I have, in many cases, downloaded the original to my online library so that even if the source URL no longer functions (a 404 error, for example) or the document, study, picture, article, whatever, has been altered, the original might still be available within my online “Library” tab. Further, every document regarding the series “Collapse of an Evil Empire!” is listed in the Appendix under “Sources and Links.”

The same list can be found online in alpha order behind the “Library” tab and by choosing “Assignment of Benefits prior to the July 1, 2019, reforms” from the drop-down menu. This serves the purpose of providing an overview of all the available documents, even those that may not appear or be referenced within a chapter or the end notes.

It’s likely that events will occur, new litigation schemes, court challenges or rate or form filings, etc. that are worthy of more blogs on the Strems proceedings. Since they cannot be listed in an already published book, they will be separately identified online. Those blogs and sources created after this book (but relevant to it) will be in the library tab under “Collapse of an Evil Empire, Post Compendium.” This way what appears in this book will always be consistent with what is available online at